Behavioural Insights that can Improve Learning and Performance

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We design based on behavioural science, not sorcery.

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We would all like to believe that learners come to every piece of digital learning with a clear schedule, an open mind and the drive to take action. But experience tells us otherwise.

It's not surprising, given that each learner is a complex individual with thousands of thoughts running through their mind and, most likely, a to-do list as long as their arm. For your digital learning to stand a chance of getting them to change their behaviours or improve their performance, you need to design in a way that cuts through that noise.

Behavioural science helps us better understand how we work as humans. How we process and understand information, what keeps us interested, what leads us to do some things and not others. The list goes on.

This white paper brings together many behavioural science concepts and studies and puts them firmly in the context of digital learning. If you want to better understand the psychology of memory, motivation and action and how they can be applied to your digital learning, this white paper is for you.