Five ways to make your elearning more engaging using Social Influence, not clicks

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Hiding dull content behind clicks doesn't make it more engaging.

We can do better.

Has anyone ever asked you to add more clickable elements to your elearning course in order to 'make it more engaging'? Unfortunately it's a common request.

At some point or another, our industry equated 'clicks' with 'engagement'. But the truth is, hiding dull content behind clicks does not make anything more engaging. It just means you have to click more to become equally uninspired.

So how can we do better? It's time for some psychology.

Social Influence refers to the fact that we are all influenced by others due to two of our human needs -to be right and to be liked. Two powerful forces that mean we're likely to copy the behaviour of others around us, changing our behaviour to fit in. Two forces that are much more powerful than clicks!

Download the white paper to get the 101 on Social Influence, along with five strategies to harness its power and make your elearning more engaging and effective.