Behavioural insights that can improve learning and performance

June 28, 2021

Over the last few years, organisations have begun waking up to workplace learning’s potential.

Learning analytics topped Donald Taylor’s global L&D sentiment survey in 2020 and remained in the top three in the 2021 survey, with topics such as consulting more widely with the business and showing value rising as well. These themes recognise that great learning has the power to change behaviours, improve performance, and drive businesses forward as a result.

But with great potential comes increased accountability.

Learning and development professionals will be under increased focus to demonstrate that learning experiences are more than just information provision. Which, let’s be honest, we’ve got Google for. We need to act as performance consultants as opposed to content creators. We need our learning programmes to change behaviour. No mean feat. So how do we do it?

Understanding the science of human behaviour can help guide us as we increase our focus on behaviour change.

The more we understand complex subjects like motivation, memory and action, the better we can affect those things in our learning experiences. And we’re not starting from a blank slate. The field of behavioural science provides insights from research studies that give us an evidence-backed place to start. It’s time to move away from ‘just because’ and into the world of evidence-based design.

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Behavioural Insights to Improve Learning and Performance is written by Lima Delta with support from The Behaviours Agency.

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