Creating a social learning community for young activists

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The short version

The mission:

A volunteer-led organisation had to move a week-long face-to-face training event for young activists, online.


We worked with our client to:

  • Select a platform to host the digital training
  • Redesign the face-to-face content into online learning activities and tasks
  • Proactively design social engagement into the experience

The full story

Our client ran an annual, week long training events for young female activists to learn about campaigning. Attendees would fly in from around the world for this much anticipated week of learning and socialising. But then.... Covid.

The client suddenly needed to create a digital alternative for 2020's cohort. The training content was paramount, but the social engagement and interaction was of equal importance. The young women had been looking forward to meeting and spending time together for months, so creating a community environment was our no.1 priority. 

We began by recommending that the programme be hosted on a community platform rather than a traditional LMS. The community platform's set up meant that the social engagement was built into the experience from start to finish, rather than the afterthought it can be with traditional LMSs.

With the platform in place, we designed an online learning programme that consisted of videos, articles, tasks, forums and activities. All supported by an activity feed, group chat and 121 chat functions to facilitate connection and communication.

When the programme launched, our client was blown away by the engagement rates. We're looking forward to seeing what 2021 holds for them!

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