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How Lima Delta helped Shooksvensen create a digital toolkit that helps employees better relate to each other.

View a snippet of the digital toolkit here.

The vision

Shooksvensen helps corporate clients create great places to work. Their neuroscience-based toolkits help employees better understand their brains, which unlocks their potential to better collaborate, lead and relate to each other. Having tested an MVP of their digital toolkit with several clients, Shooksvensen were ready to work with a like-minded digital learning partner to create a modern, on-brand learning experience that would lead the way in soft-skills training.

We were looking for someone to collaborate with, someone who understood our needs, our timeline and our training philosophy. We wanted a state-of-the art online experience for our learners. When we found Lima Delta, they ticked all our boxes. We are very pleased with the process and the result.

- Frode Svensen, Director, Shooksvensen

Together, we created a vision for a personal, practical digital toolkit that helps individuals apply neuroscience concepts to their lives.

The process

We kicked off the project with a collaborative prototype phase before building the whole module. Lima Delta reimagined the content, creating a new structure that:

  • Grabs attention
  • Guides learners through the key concepts
  • Provides practical tools 
  • Wraps up with a personalised summary

“The neuroscience concepts are fascinating and have the ability to transform working life. But not all learners know that when their manager invites them to work through a digital toolkit. We created compelling ‘hooks’ to make sure that every learner understood how they would benefit as soon as they entered the module, and designed guided activities to help them get as much as possible from each concept.”

- Georgie Cooke, Director and Learning Consultant, Lima Delta

The end result

Rewired to Relate, Shooksvensen’s first revamped digital toolkit is miles away from its MVP!

Our first Module is now launched, and the feedback so far is great. We are now in discussions with potential clients, and we feel very proud about showing them this newest version of our programme. We are looking forward to showing the world all the new Modules in 2022!

- Frode Svensen, Director, Shooksvensen

Lima Delta and Shooksvensen are collaborating on six more toolkits over the next few months - watch this space!

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