Improving wellbeing at a national insurance provider

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The short version

The mission:

Our client needed to enable their managers to have effective wellbeing conversations with their teams during the Covid-19 pandemic.


We worked with our client’s SMEs to develop:

  • An engaging remote webinar deck with digital case studies
  • A digital cheat sheet
  • An interactive digital learning module featuring mindfulness activities, personalised wellbeing plans and practice scenarios

The full story

For our client, the Covid-19 pandemic was a challenging time for their employees. Many felt isolated, others were juggling childcare alongside their work, and most were having to adapt to home working for the first time. This was a time of stress and anxiety for the nation as job security became an unexpected concern.

Our client wanted to target managers, enabling them to have effective wellbeing conversations with their teams — people they already had relationships with. Of course, those managers were experiencing similar strains to their direct reports, so the course had to start with supporting them with their own wellbeing before providing them with the tools to support others. The timing required a rapid and an entirely digital delivery.

We collaborated with our client’s comms team, facilitators and mental health first aiders to develop an engaging remote webinar deck and supporting digital case studies, plus a one-page digital cheat-sheet. All within three weeks.

Within four weeks, we had also developed a fully responsive, interactive learning module. This featured:

  • Mindfulness activities, inspired by popular mindfulness apps.
  • Social polls to help our audience felt connected with their colleagues and see that they are not alone.
  • Personalised wellbeing plans with suggested actions employees couldtake to care for their physical and emotional health.
  • Practical scenarios that put the frameworks and tools covered in the second half of the module into practice.

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